THAI Mobile Customer Reviews:


Poor very unusful

Just a link to a non-mobile website

Does not offer any features that requires an app. It's basically just links to the Thai website where very few pages are optimised for mobile. Checkin fails to work. Also unable to locate Royal Orchid Club login anywhere (my main reason for downloading). This app seriously needs a full rewrite!


Worst app

Not at all useful. I cant even log in to my rop account

bad app...

cannot book directly thru this website...really worst...

Can't get past landing page on S7

Tried un/reinstalling to no avail.

Stuck at first screen forever


Poor ,can't get in app even first page.


couldn't even get to square one.. uninstalled minutes later.. sack your web developer

Cant open

So funny.. cant go in after installed .. please fix

Mr vinay bhimjiyani

Simply excellent and staff very friendly and helpful.

very poor app. almost useless


The worst App I've ever tried. I can't even open it on my S7edge. Only on my iPhone - but nothing works!


แค่เปิดแอพยังไม่สำเหร็จเลย อย่าใแอพเลยอายต่างชาติเขา

Mohammad wasim

I love to travel with thai airways

Worse app ever!!

It takes ages to load from first page to second page. And takes another ages to go further plus errors. Never success booking or doing anything in this app!!!!


App is useless. Needs an upgrade.


Worse app... Doesnt even run properly


Can't even use the moblie to book the air ticket. Fxxk up.

Very bad, doesnt work at all.

Doing nothing, Shame on the TG

Does not work

Tried booking, either tries to send you to a browser or if you can get the app page it just ends up with a progress bar that never ends.

Smooth as Silk

Fast and Easy to fly


เออเรอร์ตลอด เช็คอิน กดแล้วกดอีก

Freezes on start up screen

Not working. Freezes on start up screen on a Wiko Pulp. I am disappointed by TG.

Barely functional

The app in it "loads". But nothing works, submit buttons do nothing. App is a portal to a web page which defeats the whole point.

not even open i can.

The app is very poor

Below standard. No words to explain how poor !!


I cant open app for use and app show for the first page only

Plaese! Update this app. Can't search my booking :(

Very much convenient

Not useful at all

Only shortcut to mobile website, several menus are not up to date. Use web browser is better.

Doesn't work

Won't open my booking just keeps lagging, so no use to me at all 😞


App should serve some purpose. Doesnt. Just almost a link to the website. When it loads. Unbelievable to think a huge company like Thai Airways would accept such a poor app from a developer

Why bother?

Who tested this and what criteria did they use?

App no response


App wouldn't even open. Waste of time. Further support of my use of other Star Alliance members instead of Thai Airways.

Manage my flight

Can't check on line.

Of little or no use

Quite possibly the worst airline booking and info app I have had the misfortune to come across.

A complete waste of time. I have tried many times to Manage my booking in the app but every time it just hangs after I put in the Reservation number and Surname. Manage my booking works fine with the same data on the web but hangs in the app. I love travelling with Thai Airways but in my experience most of their IT systems are pathetic